Stable Isotope Tracer

The BMSS Stable Isotope Tracer Mass Spectrometry SIG

The field of stable isotope tracers has historically progressed hand in hand with the technical development of mass spectrometry from their initial use by Urey, Schonheimer and Rittenberg in the 1930s up until the present day. In recent decades, these previously niche techniques have been adopted by a large number of non-analytical research labs across the world, and this has been thanks in large due to the technical developments in hybrid MS, such as GC-Pyrolysis-IRMS and LC-high resolution MS. This has allowed the expansion of the application of these tracers within studies of mammalian and human metabolism which wouldn’t have been possible previously. The primary aim of this Stable Isotope Tracer MS special interest group is to provide the link between the application and the analytics. While numerous labs utilise these techniques, many are unaware or unable to access the information about the MS technologies which drive their data. We as a research group have been at the forefront of developing information and training to fulfil this gulf in knowledge, through the use of theoretical and practical stable isotope tracer training course. We believe that there are a great deal of both well-established Senior Researchers and Early Career Scientists (ECS) that although know of these techniques, do not have the insight and knowledge to apply and take them further within their research, and would greatly benefit from a group that can provide this necessary knowledge and training. The primary principles of this SIG will be to provide introductory knowledge and insight into not just the use and application of stable isotope tracers within a number of diverse research fields, but also introduce the MS technological considerations that need to be considered when designing, running and analysing stable isotope tracer projects. We also believe that it is important to get like-minded researchers within the UK to interact and collaborate to enable the UK to maintain our world-leading expertise within the field of stable isotope MS in future years. One of the most important ways in which this can be achieved is through the promotion of stable isotope tracer MS to PhDs and early career researchers through mouthpieces like BMSS and SIGs such as this one.

Primary Structure

During the first year of this SIG we will provide a series of webinars providing an introduction to the techniques and technologies involved in stable isotope tracer MS, before moving on in later webinars to specific applications within diverse research fields. These online webinars (where possible) will consist of two talks, one by a senior researcher in the field alongside a talk by an ECS. These will give attendees the opportunity to learn and understand the basics of both application and technologies involved with Stable Isotope Tracer MS.

Stable Isotope Tracer MS SIG Co-Leaders and Contact Details:

Dr Daniel Wilkinson – University of Nottingham –
Prof Ken Smith – University of Nottingham –
Dr Matthew Brook – University of Nottingham –