Scottish Biological Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group


The BMSS Scottish Biological Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (SBMSDG) started in 2024 and for a 5-year period and aims to provide a forum for training and research for those using Mass Spectrometry in the biosciences.  We aim to be accessible for a diverse set of users in different career stages and settings, including clinicians, students, technicians, and facility managers and those working in academic, commercial, and industrial sectors. We have talks ranging from conventional proteomics of chemotherapeutics to the metabolomics of lions and mice! 

Scotland has many centres of excellence and expertise in biomolecular mass spectrometry, and SBMSDG (or the ScotSIG as it colloquially known) facilities cross pollination of ideas across the country.  A primary aim of the SIG is to ensure that researchers in Scotland are made aware of the latest advances in instrumentation, and that there are routes for students and early career researchers to gain training locally on specialist instrumentation which may not be available at their current institution. 

The ScotSIG has a meeting every year which is held in different venues throughout the country to ensure maximum participation. There are talks, a poster session and a networking event in the evening. Previous events are well attended, especially by industry, where the latest developments in instrumentation have been presented. 

SBMSDG Co-Leaders Contact Details:

Glenn Masson – Dundee - Co-Chair
Emma Carrick - Glasgow - Co-Chair