Single Cell

The BMSS Single Cell Mass Spectrometry SIG

Single cell mass spectrometry is a relatively new and rapidly growing field, which promises to shed new light on biological processes.  Single cell mass spectrometry encompasses a growing number of sampling approaches (broadly mass spectrometry imaging, capillary sampling, microfluidics and laser capture microdissection) and analytes (lipids, metabolites, proteins, drugs, elements). 

The single cell community faces shared challenges in terms of sample integrity (fixing/staining protocols and compatibility), standardisation, sensitivity, guidelines for best practice in the collection of experimental data, its interpretation, and reporting. This SIG aims to address this urgent unmet need, while also providing a forum for the dissemination of the latest research in the field and foster further collaboration and networking amongst the community. 

We would like to use the SIG as an opportunity to connect researchers working on single cell mass spectrometry technologies and applications and to share best practise in this rapidly advancing field. The aim is to make the Single Cell SIG an environment where PhD students and Early Career Scientists are able to give their presentations in an amicable and enabling environment to an expert audience and expose all delegates to the freshest emerging science from worldwide single cell mass spectrometry orientated research groups. 

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