Advertising Opportunities

Advertise your company, your events and job opportunities with the BMSS, either on our website or in our thrice yealy newsletter.

For more information on how to place and advert, please view the information below or contact the BMSS Administrator.


  1. Job Opportunities
  2. Not-For-Profit Event Advertising
  3. Corporate Advertising
  4. BMSS Event Branding

Job Opportunities

BMSS members may advertise job opportunities on the BMSS website, free of charge. Please log in to your member account (or join) and then click here.

Non-members may advertise job opportunities on the BMSS website for a fee. Information on costs can be obtained from the BMSS Administrator at

To advertise your job opportunities in the BMSS newsletter Mass Matters please contact the BMSS Publicity Secretary:

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Not-For-Profit Event Advertising

To request a listing of your, MS relevant, scientific meeting on the Associated Meetings pages of the BMSS website - please download the application form by clicking on the icon below. The completed application form should be returned to the BMSS Administrator:

To be eligible for a free listing the event should be hosted by an academic institution and/or organized by a scientific society (i.e. a charitable foundation). 


Not-for-profit event advertising - application form

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Corporate Advertising

To promote your company, products or corporate events on the BMSS website, please contact the BMSS Administrator:

Highly targeted & cost effective - the BMSS website is a unique opportunity to promote your proposition to the MS community in the UK and beyond. The BMSS website banner specification document (pdf) can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.

To promote your company, products or corporate events in the BMSS newsletter MassMATTERS please contact the BMSS Publicity Secretary:


Corporate advertising - advert specifications

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BMSS Event Branding

To promote your company or products at BMSS managed meetings and conferences please contact the BMSS Meetings Secretary: 

Corporate branding of BMSS meeting registration badges provides a unique opportunity to highlight your company to the MS community and sustain a ubiquitous event presence.

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