The BMSS Lipidomics Special Interest Group (BMSS Lipidomics SIG) started in January 2021 with a four year programme. The aim is to provide ECR training and a forum for discussion of mass spectrometry based Lipidomics includes the study of lipid subclass profiling, structure elucidation, bioinformatics tools for analysis of large datasets, and the translation of lipid data into biological meaning (biosynthetic metabolic pathway analysis) of the different categories of lipids as dictated in the classification/nomenclature proposed by the LIPID MAPS® Lipidomics gateway consortium.

Principles and Aims

Mass spectrometry is at the core of lipidomics research. Lipidomics focuses on quantitatively profiling lipids in vivo and interpreting the results in a biological and/or medical context. The BMSS Lipidomics SIG intend to include MS fundamentals e.g. elucidation of lipid structure, double bond position (within the acyl chain), oxidation, and acyl chain composition of complex lipids.  The lipidomics research requires relative and/or absolute quantitation of lipids typically with a "before" and "after" sample comparison. Comparison of hundreds of lipid species is challenging. The BMSS Lipidomics SIG will bring together bioinformaticians and statisticians to highlight how significant differences may be safely inferred in such complex data sets.

Lipidomics lacks training opportunities, guidelines for best practice in the collection of experimental data, interpretation, and reporting. The BMSS Lipidomics SIG aims to address these urgent unmet needs. We also intend to host a forum for the dissemination of the latest research in the field and foster further collaboration and networking amongst our community.

Early Career Scientist Inclusion

The BMSS Lipidomics SIG has a resolute commitment to welcoming Early Career Scientists (ECSs) to its activities & meetings . The BMSS Lipidomics SIG invites all ECSs to actively participate in the group’s events.

BMSS Lipidomics SIG Meetings

The 4-year program of BMSS Lipidomics SIG meetings will initially be deployed virtually as a consequence of the COVID-19 situation (1H2021). We will run a series of virtual events, accessible to international delegates, during the spring of 2021. Once the circumstances within the UK are normalised we propose to hold ‘analogue’ events at venues including the Babraham Institute (Cambridge), University of Manchester, and Cardiff University. Please click here to view our current schedule of events. 

BMSS Lipidomics SIG Meeting Format

Initially the BMSS Lipidomics SIG team will host a series of virtual meetings (Ca 60-90 min).

When circumstances in the UK are normalised we propose to host an annual 1.5 day meeting.  The opening half-day will focus on training, covering background theory, introduction to specific instrumentation, software tools, and best practice.  The specific themes will vary from year to year and will be defined by the BMSS Lipidomics SIG team in consultation with the community.

The second day (i.e. the classic BMSS SIG Meeting format) will include opening and closing keynotes delivered by experts in the field.  The majority of the presentations will be invited from ECRs.

The aim is to make the Lipidomics SIG an environment where PhD students and ECRs are able to give their presentations in an amicable and enabling environment to an expert audience - and expose all delegates to the freshest emerging science from worldwide lipidomics mass spectrometry orientated research groups.

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Please help us to bring our new BMSS Lipidomics SIG to the attention of colleagues around the world. We welcome the participation of ALL colleagues with an interest in lipidomics.

BMSS Lipidomics SIG Co-Leader Contact Details:

Both of the founding coordinators of the BMSS Lipidomics SIG are active researchers working in mass spectrometry based lipidomics, and based at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

The BMSS Lipidomics SIG coordinators gratefully acknowledge the support of multiple colleagues from the following two institutions.
BABRAHAM Institute :