Imaging and MALDI

The BMSS Imaging & MALDI SIG

The Imaging and MALDI special interest group was formed in 2007 to cater for the explosion of interest in the use of mass spectrometry-based imaging techniques. The group is a forum for all MSI techniques including but not exclusively MALDI. The group is very active and has organised 10 one-day Special Interest Meetings to date, along with dedicated imaging sessions at the annual BMSS meeting. We have been delighted to be able to host leading international figures in MSI including Isabelle Fournier, Markus Stoeckli, Helen Cooper, Liam McDonnel, Andreas Rompp, Josephine Bunch and Pierre Chaurand to give plenary lectures at our annual SIG meetings.  We are planning to host the next SIG meeting in Spring 2024 and look forward to welcoming you there.

The generous contribution of numerous sponsors, including mass spectrometers and sample preparation device manufacturers, has made it possible to welcome all attendees free of charge.

Early Career Inclusion: 

The Imaging and MALDI SIG meetings have also provided a forum for Early Career Scientists (ECSs) to give oral presentations in a friendly and supportive environment since their inception. Each SIG meeting has a number of reserved slots for ECS presentations, and it is an excellent opportunity for ECSs to deliver their “first” external conference presentation.

BMSS Imaging & MALDI SIG Co-Leaders Contact Details: