BMSS Lecture Series

The role of the lecturer is to promote mass spectrometry and the activities of the BMSS, to the wider scientific community. This will help develop a greater understanding of the power of mass spectrometry (MS) and hopefully generate a greater interest in the subject amongst researchers, students and the general public. This promotion of MS will be achieved by the presentation of a series of high impact, research based lectures, describing the lecturers particular field of MS research.

The BMSS Lecturer is requested to present a number of lectures. As the lectures are sponsored by BMSS, there will typically be no cost to the host institution. The lecturer will be sponsored to give up to 4-10 lectures per year in the UK. The final number will be dependent on demand and will be decided by mutual agreement. The lecturer, by agreement with the BMSS, will be sponsored when giving lectures at appropriate international conferences.

Prof. Jane Thomas-Oates is our present BMSS Lecturer.  Jane is the director of the Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry at the University of York, where her research focuses upon biological mass spectrometry, including applications for biology, microbiology, archaeology, and the environment. 

If interested in hosting a lecture by Jane at your institute, please contact Dr Hannah Britt:

History of lecture tours 

2007  Malcolm Clench - inaugral lecturer

2010  Frank Pullen - read more about Frank's tour here

2013  Mike Morris - lecture is available to members on our heritage page

2016  John Langley

2019 Jane Thomas-Oates