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BMSS guidelines for communicating mass spectrometric data in journal publications:

The type of mass spectrum, such as ionisation technique employed and polarity of ions, should be indicated with allowance made for cationised or anionised molecules.  For example, electrospray data should be given in the form ES+: m/z 195.0 [M + H]+, m/z 217.0 [M + Na]+, or ES-: m/z 193.0 [M - H]-

Where dissociation has occurred, whether as a result of ionisation such as electron ionisation or using CID with tandem mass spectrometry, data can be reported in the form EI: m/z 135.0 (M+., 50%), 120.0 (100), 92.0 (51), 65.0 (45) etc. Relative intensities are in parentheses (% only included once). Product ion assignments may be included in the form m/z 120.0 [M – CH3]+ (100), m/z 92.0 [M - CH3CO]+ (51) etc.
Exact m/z values quoted for identification purposes should be given with the error quoted in ppm, and presented in the form HRMS ES+: m/z 152.0708 corresponds to C8H10NO2 with 1.3 ppm deviation.