Careers in MS Workshop

The BMSS is pleased to host an annual careers workshop, which aims to illustrate the wide variety of career options available to mass spectrometry users, and to assist early career scientists in developing the skills to pursue these roles.

The BMSS Careers Workshop brings together a number of experienced mass spectrometrists from diverse scientific backgrounds to share their career journeys. Their experiences reflect insights from academia, industry, and instrument development across the world, so will be useful no matter where mass spectrometry users see themselves in the future. These speakers are joined by experts from the mass spectrometry recruitment sector to discuss the many options for mass spectrometry careers, the current market demand for mass spectrometry skills, and how early career scientists can develop skills and build their CV to be successful in pursuing new roles. Finally, the workshop always has ample opportunity for questions and discussion!

The next BMSS Careers Workshop will take place as part of the BMSS-BSPR Super Meeting 2024. This 1-hour event is scheduled to take place at 16:30 GMT on Wednesday 4th of September 2024 at the University of Warwick. Participating speakers in our upcoming event will soon be announced.

‚ÄčNote: This event is only open to Super Meeting 2024 registered delegates.

If you require further details or are interested in getting involved please contact the Education Officer: