RCMS Special Issue

Special Issue in Memory of Professor Dai Games in Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are writing to invite you to participate in a special issue of Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry dedicated to the memory and works of Professor Dai Games. This Special Issue aims at highlighting the variety of applications afforded by chromatography and mass spectrometry, and allied techniques that align with the research career of the late Professor Games.

We wish to put together a collection of papers but, since not everyone may be able to produce an original research work on the time scale of interest, we will also consider alternative types of contributions such as a Review, Mini-review, Tutorial or Perspective.

The time window for submitting the papers is July 1, 2019, with eventual publication at the end of 2019. Details of the submission process will be forwarded once we have a final list of those contributing.

Please respond to this email at g.j.langley@southampton.ac.uk or j.j.jones@swansea.ac.uk at you earliest convenience, but not later than 31st March 2019, to indicate whether you will contribute or hope to contribute but are not yet certain (please also mention the type of paper you will be ready to submit) or you definitely will not contribute.

We believe this to be a great opportunity to illustrate the dynamism of our research field and very much hope all of you will accept our invitation.


Yours sincerely

John Langley, University of Southampton

Jonathan Jones, Swansea University (Honorary)

Guest Editors of the RCMS Professor Dai Games Special Issue