Scientific Programme

ECR Poster and ECR Elevated Oral Communication Prizes
In keeping with the GAMES RESEARCH GROUP’s ethos of facilitating Early Career Researchers the meeting will offer prizes for the best ECR poster and the best ECR presentation (elevated from a submitted poster abstract).

For this purpose the BMSS defines an ECR as a scientist in the first four (4) years, or full-time equivalent, of their research activity - including periods of research training.

Meeting Logistics and Timing
The on-site BMSS reception desk (Great Hall, King’s College London) will open at 09:30h on Tuesday the 9th April 2019. The scientific program will commence at 10:20h and conclude at 17:00h. All posters must be in place before 10:20h on the 9th April 2019.

Meeting Agenda


10:20 Opening Remarks 

Dr Christine Eckers (British Mass Spectrometry Society)

 10:30 Hyphenated Mass Spectrometry; How Might It Help Us Tomorrow? 

Professor David Cowan (Kings College London)

 11:10 The Evolution of Structural Elucidation of Impurities By LC-MS. 

Dr Jean-Claude Wolff (GSK Stevenage)

 11:40 The Use of Ion Mobility-MS to Resolve and Discover Sample Complexity In Small Molecule Analysis.                                                 

Dr Michael McCullach (Waters Wilmslow)

12:10 T.B.A

ECR Lecturer (to be selected)


13:30 Hyphenating a Fingerprint with a Mass Spectrometer - a Molecular Tale of Yourself.                                 

Professor Simona Francese (Sheffield Hallam University)

14:00 Opportunities for Ultra-Rapid LC-MS in Bioanalysis

Dr Lewis Couchman (ASI London)

 14:30 SFC-MS From Promise and Frustration to the Missing Hyphenation. 

Professor John Langley (University of Southampton)


15:30 T.B.A

ECR Lecturer (to be selected)

15:50 T.B.A.

Dr Iain Mylchreest, VP R&D (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

 16:20 Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry from Metabolites to Nanodots. 

Professor Perdita Barran (University of Manchester)

17:00 Closing Remarks

Dr Mark McDowall (British Mass Spectrometry Society)

17:10 RECEPTION (The Great Hall, King’s College)

19:00 AFTER PARTY (Temple Brew House)



Hyphenated MS 2019 - download programme here