UK Mass Spectrometry Vision

A Community Vision for British Mass Spectrometry
The British Mass Spectrometry Society’s Executive Committee commissioned this pathway report in May 2019. Our objective was to produce a community-backed, evidence-based vision for the future of Mass Spectrometry in the UK to support EPSRC, UKRI, and HMG in the strategic planning, prioritization, and funding of the science of Mass Spectrometry in the foreseeable future. 

This report summarizes the responses from three rounds of a DELPHI study which included direct input from a panel of British MS experts who were asked to comment on:

  1. the future of MS in the UK
  2. future requirements for UK mass spectrometry
  3. how future MS infrastructure may be best deployed to leverage the UK research base and deliver ROI to our society

The authors are grateful to the multiplicity of people around the UK, and beyond, who took the time to contribute to this DELPHI study and to the BMSS for its commitment to this project and for financial support.
Dr Jackie Mosely, Teesside University - BMSS Chair 
Professor Peter O’Connor, University of Warwick - BMSS Treasurer 
Dr Ashley Sage - BMSS Immediate Past Chair
Professor Gavin O’Connor, TU Braunschweig un PTB - BMSS Past Chair;
Dr Tony Bristow, AstraZeneca - BMSS Past Chair

Corresponding Authors:
Professor Peter O’Connor:
Dr Jackie Mosely: 

To download your copy of “Delivering World-Class Science with British Mass Spectrometry  ...Looking to the Future!”  Please click on the icon at the bottom of this page (2.6 MB).

Accompanying this report is a SWOT analysis for each of the different tiers identified in the report.

On 23rd November 2020, the BMSS working party met with, and presented the pathway report to representatives from all councils within UKRI. The slides presented can be accessed through the icon at the bottom of this page.


Presentation to UKRI - 23rd Nov 2020


Final report to UKRI: MS UK Vision


SWOT analysis slides