Scientific Programme

The BMSS has adopted a prudent approach in developing the BMSS41 Annual Meeting Scientific Programme, as the Society cannot predict any residual COVID-19 regulations that may be in force in September 2021.

BMSS41 Meeting Summary
The Annual Meeting will feature a two day (one night) format incorporating 2x plenary lectures, 12x keynote lectures, 36x contributed talks, 30x flash oral presentations, 6x partner presentations, unlimited (digital-only) poster presentations, and an inclusive social evening.

BMSS41 COVID-19 Considerations
The Society has architected BMSS41 with provision for social distancing. The lecture theatres that we have contracted are generous and will facilitate COVID-19 social distancing if required in September 2021.


"From Atoms to Proteins: Exploring Multiply Charged Ions"

Professor Anthony Stace FRS
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, The University of Nottingham, UK.

"The Application of Mouse Spectrometry to Animal Behaviour”

Professor Jane L. Hurst OBE 
William Prescott Professor of Animal Science, The University of Liverpool, UK.



  • Medical, Clinical & Forensic Applications 
    • Chair: Simona Francese, Sheffield Hallam University   
    • Keynote: Melanie Bailey, University of Surrey 
  • Inorganic & Isotope Ratio MS 
    • Chair: Kenny Smith, University of Nottingham    
    • Keynote: Daniel Wilkinson, University of Nottingham                                           
  • Instrument Development & Fundamental MS
    • Chair: Pete O’Connor, University of Warwick
    • Keynote: Christopher Wootton, Bruker Daltonics
  • Biomacromolecular Structure
    • Chair: Aneika Leney, University of Birmingham    
    • Keynote: Antonio Calabrese, University of Leeds
  • MS in Virus Research  
    • Chair: Andrew Pitt, University of Manchester 
    • Keynote: Perdita Barran, University of Manchester                                                           
  • Lipidomics & Metabolomics  
    • Chair: Andrea Lopez-Clavijo, Babraham Institute
    • Keynote: Roy Goodacre, University of Liverpool
  • MS in Pharmaceutical Research
    • Chair Andy Ray, AstraZeneca
    • Keynote: Tony Bristow, AstraZeneca                                   
  • Mass Spectrometry Imaging 
    • Chair Malcolm Clench, Sheffield Hallam University
    • Keynote: David Scurr, University of Nottingham                                 
  • Complex Mixture Analysis & Separation Science
    • Chair: Caitlyn Da Costa, Waters Corporation 
    • TBC      
  • Environmental & Food Analysis 
    • Chair: Kathy Ridgway, Anatune
    • Keynote: Leon Barron, Imperial College London                                                  
  • Proteomics & Top Down MS
    • Chair: Kathryn Lilley, University of Cambridge
    • Keynote: Kostas Thalassinos, University College London                                     
  • Ambient Ionisation   
    • Chair: Patrick Sears, University of Surrey   
    • Keynote: Ruth Knox, University of Manchester      
  • Flash Oral Sessions
    • Chairs: Hannah Britt (University College London), Rian Griffiths (University of Nottingham), Liam Heaney (Loughborough University)




BMSS41 Will Offer Three Options for Abstract Submission:

1. In-Person Oral Presentation: These will be traditional 20min oral presentations (15min + 5min Q&A). Presenters must be available to present in-person at Sheffield and by submitting your abstract you must consent to your oral presentation being recorded for ALL registered delegates to access on-line.

2. In-Person Flash Oral Presentation: These will be formatted as 5min + 4min Q&A and should comprise only a few slides. We strongly encourage early career researchers to submit abstracts for these presentations. You must be available and prepared to present in-person at Sheffield and by submitting your abstract you must consent to your oral presentation being recorded for ALL registered delegates to access on-line.

3. Digital-Only Poster Presentation: This format will offer an on-line alternative to traditional poster presentations. This option should be selected by anyone who does not wish to/cannot commit to attending in-person and have chosen instead to register for the digital only conference channel. Please note that ALL on-line posters will be available to both digital-only and in-person registered delegates.


BMSS41 Scientific Programme Enquiries

All enquiries related to the scientific programme should be addressed to the BMSS Papers Secretary: