Prof. Alexander Makarov is awarded the Aston Medal

13th Sep 2023

Today, at the 43rd Annual Conference of the British Mass Spectrometry Society in Manchester, Professor Alexander Makarov was awarded the Aston Medal for his pioneering work in mass spectrometry that bought us the Orbitrap. 

The Aston Medal was established by the British Mass Spectrometry Society in 1987.  As the Society's prestigious scientific award, it is to given to individuals deserving special recognition by reason of their outstanding contributions to mass spectrometry. 

Responsible for bringing us technology that so many of us use day-in, day-out (and take for granted) it is entirely fitting that this award be presented to Professor Makarov, and to do so just down the road in Manchester from where it all began. An inspiring story that tells of a true passion for the science, determination to meet all the challenges faced head-on, and a resilience for when the journey is hard.

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