Past Event: 3rd December 2020

Virtual Ambient Ionisation SIG





15:00 Opening Remarks (Dr Andrew Ray, AstraZeneca, UK)


'Open Port Sampling Interfaces: Simple and Versatile Concepts for Liquid Introduction Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass

Dr Gary Van Berkel, Van Berkel Ventures LLC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, TN 37830, USA.

15:50 Questions

16:00 Concluding Remarks (Dr Andrew Ray, AstraZeneca, UK)


For just about 20 years, first with my group at Oak Ridge National laboratory, and now in my own research operation, Van Berkel Ventures, LLC, we have conceived, studied and applied numerous variations of a basic co-axial tube liquid microjunction surface sampling probe (LMJ-SSP) for surface sampling and ionization coupled with mass spectrometry (MS). For the most part, such combined liquid delivery and aspiration probes have been utilized by us and others for direct liquid extraction and analysis of material from surfaces. However, by altering the orientation, dimensions, tube arrangements, and operation modes, this basic sampling probe concept can be optimized for a number of different sampling scenarios including, for example, the sampling of small volume liquid and solid samples, capture of particles and aerosols from laser ablation, and capture of liquid droplets from various droplet dispensing devices. The probes can also be connected to any one of a number of liquid introduction ion sources like electrospray ionization (ESI), atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI), atmospheric pressure photoionization ionization (APPI), and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) ionization or used for fraction collection or for sample introduction to HPLC. These multiple application options and capabilities make these probes a simple and versatile open port sampling interface (OPSI) for liquid introduction atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry that will be overviewed in this presentation. A few of the newer uses of the OPSI concepts will be discussed in more detail such as coupling laser capture microdissection with MS for multimodal chemical imaging and coupling of acoustic droplet dispensing with MS via an OPSI for extreme high throughput chemical analysis (faster than 1 s per sample analysis
speed). The presentation will finish with a look to the future.