Scientific Programme

BMSS40 Program Highlights

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The Maccoll Lecture

Professor I. Jonathan Amster, University of Georgia, USA

“Expanding the Repertoire of Ion Activation Methods for Glycosaminoglycans”


Manchester Lecture

Dr Angela Lamb, British Geological Survey, Keyworth, Nottingham, UK

"A diet fit for a king? Isotope investigations into the life of Richard III”


Chair’s Invited Lecture

Professor Gary L. Glish, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

"Differentiating Carbohydrate Stereoisomers with a Simple Mass Spectrometry Method (No Chromatography): Fundamentals and Applications"


  • Medical and Clinical Applications 
    • Chair: Dr Andrew Davison
    • Keynote: Prof. Warwick Dunn
  • Inorganic and Isotope Ratio MS
    • Chair: Dr Catherine Duckett
    • Keynote: Dr Amy Managh
  • Rosalind Franklin Institute Briefing on Biological MS
    • Chairs: Profs Zoltan Takats (ICL) and Josephine Bunch (NPL)
  • MS in Forensic Science
    • Chair: Prof. Simona Francese
    • Keynote: Dr Michael Buckley
  • Instrument Development and Fundamental MS
    • Chair: Dr Kevin Giles
    • Keynote: Prof. Bela Paizs
  • Public Health and Wellbeing
    • Chair: Dr David Megson
    • Keynote: Dr Karl Jobst
  • MS in Structural Analysis
    • Chair: Prof. Frank Sobott
    • Keynote: Prof. Alison Ashcroft
  • Guest Session by BSPR
    • Chair: Prof Rainer Cramer
    • Keynote: Dr Joe Gault
  • Developments in Ambient Ionisation
    • Chair: Dr Patrick Sears
    • Keynote: Prof. Zoltan Takats
  • Lipidomics and Metabolomics
    • Chair: Prof James Mccullagh
    • Keynote: Prof Lorraine Brennan
  • Mass Spectrometry Imaging
    • Chair: Dr Peter Marshall
    • Keynote: Dr Melanie Bailey
  • Challenges in Mass Spectrometry
    • Chair: Prof Josephine Bunch
    • Keynote: Dr Richard Goodwin
  • MS in Sports Drug Testing
    • Chair: Dr Ivana Gavrilovic
    • Keynote: Prof. David Cowan



BMSS40 Scientific Programme