E-Abstract Book

BMSS40 Electronic Abstract Book

Download your own copy of the BMSS40 e-Abstract Book via the link (icon) at the bottom of this page

The abstracts for the BMSS40 Annual Meeting will be made available to registered delegates ONLY in the form of a password protected pdf file (a.k.a. the e-Abstract Book). Printed abstract books will not be available at the meeting. Please consider the environment before printing a copy.

To download the e-Abstract Book please click on the icon below. The password will be sent to all registered BMSS40 delegates by e-mail, before the 26th August 2019, using the e-mail address that delegates provided in their registration forms. If you have not received your password by the 26th August 2019 please contact the BMSS Meetings Secretary for assistance: mark_mcdowall@icloud.com

A copy of the Delegate List for the meeting containing the redacted information (name and affiliation only) for those delegates who opted in to appearing in the list can also be found below.


BMSS40 E-Abstract book