BMSS Associated Meetings


Imperial College London, Hands-on Data Analysis for Metabolic Profiling training course

Dates: 11-15 June 2022

Venue: Imperial College London, UK - Hammersmith Campus

Meeting Details: 

This short course offers a comprehensive, hands-on training in processing and analysing metabolomics data from
LC-MS and NMR technologies.

Attendees will have the opportunity to:
> Learn directly from internationally recognised leaders in the field;
> Benefit from practical training in computational techniques and statistical methods;
> Enjoy excellent networking opportunities with IIPTC specialists and fellow trainees

Course Aims:

This 5-day course provides a comprehensive overview of data analysis for metabolic profiling
studies focussing on data from NMR spectroscopy and Liquid Chromatography-Mass
Spectrometry. It combines lectures and tutorial sessions using open source software to ensure a
thorough understanding of the theory and practical applications.

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2022 BSPR Annual Scientific Meeting

Dates: 3-6 July 2022

Venue: St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, UK

Meeting Details: 

Next Generation Proteomics

This year's meeting is an acknowledgement of how far proteomics has travelled. We are now in the era where generating multiple comprehensive proteomes in a day is becoming routine. The field is now utilising the underlying technologies to go well beyond traditional proteome analyses. Proteomic experiments can now capture not only quantitative data or PTM data but also protein interaction, spacial, structural and temporal information. Not only are proteomes becoming more granular, their synergistic links with the other main cellular systems such the metabolome and transcriptome are also being unravelled. Proteomics technologies continue to develop leading to ever more rapid proteomic analyses from ever lower amounts of starting material. Such work has led to studies being performed on thousands of samples, enabling large scale cohort analyses for medical research, while advances in fragmentation technology have made crosslinking studies almost routine and rapidly expanded the number of post translational modifications and protein classes that can be characterised.

The 2022 meeting will celebrate next generation technologies and how they are transforming applications from scientific research to commercial quality control and civil security.

Session Topics:

  • Native/Structural Proteomics
  • Systems Biology/Networks
  • Towards P5 Medicine
  • Chemical Biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Imaging and Spatial Proteomics
  • One Health Research
  • Next Generation Technology

Organising Committee:

  • Shabaz Mohammed
  • Roman Fischer
  • Rainer Cramer
  • Iolanda Vendrell
  • Paul Skipp
  • Maike Langini (YPIC)

Scientific Committee:

  • Karin Barnouin
  • Jyoti Choudhary
  • Rainer Cramer
  • Roman Fischer
  • Shabaz Mohammed
  • Sandra Orchard

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Accommodation/Venue - Iolanda Vendrell (

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MS+M_22 – Frontiers in Native Mass Spectrometry & Single Molecule Imaging

Dates: 14-18 August 2022

Venue: Wadham College, University of Oxford, UK

Meeting Details: 

MS+M_22 brings together an emerging community of scientists at the interface of mass spectrometry and imaging - but not as you know it!

In the beautiful setting of Wadham College, Oxford we will explore the frontiers of

structural MS, single particle cryoEM, scanning probe microscopy together with emerging methods such as soft-landing, XFEL, ptychography and holography.

With a diverse program featuring leading scientists alongside ECRs and students the meting aims to foster new collaborations, build the links across disciplines that drive new discoveries and embody the vision that Mass Spectrometry plus Microscopy, (MS+M) is greater than the sum of its parts! 

We hope you can join us.

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