The Scrivens Symposium

Welcome to the event page for the BMSS Scrivens Symposium at De Morgan House, London, on the 1st of May 2024 - celebrating the life and contribution of Professor Jim Scrivens to our community.

The meeting is architected to be a forward looking event (i.e. not a retrospective tribute) focused on state-of-the-art of Mass Spectrometry research, …providing emerging scientists with a welcoming & inclusive forum to articulate their work and network with colleagues.

Professor Jim Scrivens, as he became know in later life, was a stalwart member of the British Mass Spectrometry community. Jim initially carved out a very successful career in the private sector as a ‘mover & shaker’ at ICI, and subsequently transitioned into an academic role. In both strands of his professional life, Jim was a committed nurturer of new talent – and so the BMSS is seeking to mark his untimely death with a symposium that is focused on the work of ECR/ECS colleagues.

In his career, Jim played a pivotal role in commissioning novel MS instruments. Jim’s negotiating & networking skills enabled him to garner funds from both private and public sources, …and so assist in bringing novel technology to fruition. That catalytic influence has had a lasting effect on our community – so the BMSS naturally wish to celebrate Jim’s legacy on the 1st of May 2024.

For those who are not familiar with Jim’s backstory, we invite you to review a reprint of an article published in the BMSS Journal ‘MassMATTERS’. This article provides an insight into his contribution to our community - to access this article please click on the icon at the bottom of this page.

The organising team look forward to welcoming Professor Michael T. Bowers ( as our plenary speaker.



Jim Scrivens - BMSS MassMatters Article