Scientific Programme

The 5th BMSS Ion Mobility SIG Meeting, Leeds-Becket University's Cloth Hall Court, 4th July 2019.


09:30-10:00     Coffee and registration

10:00-10:15     Welcome


Session 1

10:15-11:00     Structural Interpretation of Ion Mobility Spectrometry Measurements

Valérie Gabelica, Université de Bordeaux, Inserm & CNRS, France

11:00-11:25     Protomers and Conformers: A structural study into 14-3-3-ζ derived peptides

Anna Simmonds, University of Birmingham

11:25-11:50     High speed untargeted 4D-lipidomics LC-MS/MS workflows with Parallel Accumulation Serial Fragmentation (PASEF)

Lucy Woods, Bruker, Bremen, Germany


11:50-13:30     Lunch and Posters


Session 2

13:30-13:55     Structural and substrate binding studies of human cvHsp (HspB7)

Zihao Wang, University of Oxford

13:55-14:20     Integrative modelling of protein assemblies using ion mobility data

Matteo Degiacomi, Durham University


14:20-14:50     Coffee


Session 3

14:50-15:15     LESA coupled with cyclic IMS for analysis of intact proteins from thin tissue sections

Emma Sisley, University of Birmingham

15:15-16:00     Unravelling the Conformational Landscape of Macromolecular Assemblies

Argyris Politis, King’s College London