Townhall meeting: UK MS Large Infrastructure Bid Proposal

Welcome to the C-MASS UK Large Infrastructure Bid Town Hall Meeting Registration Page.

The CRITICAL MASS UK Working Group invites ALL interested parties to participate in a Town Hall Meeting on 20th January 2022 at 1000 GMT.

Registration for this virtual event (& mailing list) is free of charge for both BMSS members AND non-members alike. Registration is required to allow the CRITICAL MASS UK Working Group to send ZOOM event specific invitations to delegates’ nominated e-mail addresses.

This meeting will be recorded to enable the organisers to accurately capture key points from the Town Hall discussions. Key points may be reproduced anonymously in the final text of the C-MASS UK Large Infrastructure Bid. Any key points captured from the meeting recording will not be attributed to individuals. The recording will be deleted once the bid has been submitted.

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