Skyline Workshop 2024

Skyline Software for Proteomics and Small Molecule Analysis

Date: 4th September 2024

Time: 09:00 to 14:30

Venue: Social Sciences Building, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL

Workshop Details:

Open a new window to understanding your mass spectrometry data for proteomics and small molecules with this introduction to the free and open-source Skyline software. Begin using Skyline data analysis and visualization for DIA, PRM, and DDA proteomics data and SRM for lipidomics data. This single-day workshop will get you started with using Skyline software in your quantitative LCMS experiments. In its 15 years of open availability, Skyline has routinely ranked as one of the most precise tools available for quantitative MS. Skyline is unparalleled in the field for its data visualization. See what you have been missing. This workshop will include case study examples of proteomics and targeted lipidomics.

For any questions relating to this workshop, please contact Brendan MacLean (


Dr Brendan MacLean, University of Washington

Dr Michele Woelk, Technical University of Dresden

Who is this workshop aimed at?

Mass spectrometrists and people analysing mass spectrometry data for quantitative proteomics and lipidomics.

What are the intended learning outcomes for this workshop?

Participants should leave with an introductory understanding of how to use the Skyline Targeted Mass Spectrometry software for method design and data analysis of proteomics and lipidomics data.

Do I require any previous knowledge or experience to complete this workshop?

The ideal participant should start with a working knowledge of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) having analysed and understood at least one data set. No prior knowledge of the Skyline software is required.

Will I need to do any pre-Workshop learning or activities (e.g. downloading software) to take part?

Ideally, you will download and install the free Skyline software on a Windows laptop before arriving. If your organization does not allow you to transfer files form a USB (A or C) drive to your laptop, you may be asked to download course files prior to arriving.

Workshop Sessions:

The sessions will be delivered as a mixture of in-person and live virtual deliveries, depending on the location of the presenter.

1. Introduction to quantitative proteomics and Skyline

Learn about the variety of chromatography-based mass spectrometry data applied to achieve a quantitative understanding of proteins and peptides in samples, and why Skyline is an important and useful tool for this.

2. Using Skyline for the first time with DDA, DIA, and PRM proteomics data

Learn how to use and learn more about Skyline for most of the mass spectrometry acquisition methods used in the field of proteomics.

3. Using Skyline for lipidomics data

Learn how Skyline can be used for quantitative analysis of small molecule mass spectrometry data with a specific example in lipidomics.

What course materials will be supplied alongside the Workshop?

Course participants will be supplied a flash drive (USB A and C) with all necessary data files for the hands-on tutorial sessions. All data and tutorials will be available before the workshop. Slides will be made available on-line during the workshop.

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