Lipidomics MS Workshop 2024

Lipidomics: Understanding Fats and Their Biological Implications in Disease

Date: 4th September 2024

Time: 09-30 to 14:30

Venue: Social Sciences Building, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL

Workshop Details:

This lipidomics workshop will introduce basic concepts such as the lipidome and lipidomics, lipid complexity, classification, nomenclature, short notation, and mass spectrometry-based analysis. The sessions include lipid curation for free-access databases, and how to apply, prepare, and analyse the data using free open-source software, LDA, for lipid identification/quantitation for untargeted analysis. Finally, an introduction to the use of the biosynthetic automated pathway analysis (BioPAN) to translate lipid profile changes into biological meaning will be given.

For any questions relating to this workshop, please contact Andrea Lopez (


Dr Andrea Lopez-Clavijo, Associate Scientist Babraham Institute

Dr Christine Hinz, Shimadzu UK

Dr Matthew Conroy, Cardiff University, LIPID MAPS consortium

Assistant Professor Juergen Hartler, Graz University

Who is this workshop aimed at?

The lipidomics workshop is aimed at scientists with a basic knowledge of mass spectrometry and who are interested in learning about lipids, lipid metabolism, and lipid analysis using mass spectrometry, including identification and semi-quantitation using a free and open-source software.

What are the intended learning outcomes for this workshop?

Participants will understand the difference between lipid profiling (lipidome) and lipidomics, perceive the challenges in lipid analysis due to its complexity and recognise lipid classification, nomenclature, and short notation. In addition, participants will have an understanding on how to analyse lipid results acquired by mass spectrometry using free and open-source LDA software. Finally, the participants will grasp lipid pathway analysis using a free and open-source BioPAN.

Do I require any previous knowledge or experience to complete this workshop?

No previous experience in lipid analysis is required as the basis of lipid analysis will be covered to be capable of interpreting the results in the biological context.  Ideally, participants could have a basic understanding of the principles of mass spectrometry as those will not be covered in the session.

Will I need to do any pre-Workshop learning or activities (e.g. downloading software) to take part? 

Participants may bring their own computer with LDA installed from This link will prompt the participants to fill a licensing form, which is free, and does not expire.  Alternatively, the participants could choose a one-month license, which does not require any forms to be filled out and will be sent by email after the participant has registered for the workshop.  Internet access is required to access BioPAN ( ).

Titles and content of the Workshop Sessions:

1 – Introduction to lipids and lipid complexity (Classification, Nomenclature, Database Curation)

This session will be delivered by the lipid curator at the LIPID MAPS consortium, Dr Matthew Conroy, providing an understanding of the different lipid categories and differentiating the lipids present in a diversity of organisms (e.g. mammals, algae).

2 – Lipid analysis using mass spectrometry

This session will provide an understanding of lipid analysis using targeted and untargeted mass spectrometry and a brief introduction to the different chromatographic approaches to lipid separation.

3 – Hands-on Automated MS Data Analysis using Lipid Data Analyzer (LDA)

In this session the participants will learn how to use LDA directly from LDA developer and use it in the context of untargeted lipid profiling analysis and quantitation.

4 – Automated Biosynthetic Pathway Analysis using BioPAN

The participants will be introduced to the use of BioPAN and the different biosynthetic pathway analysis incorporated into BioPAN.  Examples of how to load quality data into BioPAN will be discussed and analysed.  

What course materials will be supplied alongside the Workshop?

Participants will receive the presentation material showing: (i) how to use LDA; (ii) an overview of common challenges and pitfalls in lipidomics MS data analysis; (iii) the rationale underlying the decision rule concept; and (iv) an introduction on how to extend and develop decision rule sets for migrating the flexible LDA software to other instruments and/or extend to other lipid classes. Moreover, we will provide instructions for the hands-on training.

What materials will be provided for the students in advance of the Workshop? 

Participants will receive instructions for downloading sample data, LDA, and setup instructions. We would like to ask all participants to install LDA and have the sample data ready on their laptops (we recommend the Windows version). In addition, participants will receive the slides of the sessions, however, some BioPAN slides will not be included in the material.

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