BMSS Announces 2024 Online Introduction to Mass Spectrometry Course

9th Jan 2024


The British Mass Spectrometry Society is delighted to announce that its popular and long running "Introduction to Mass Spectrometry Course" will be running online on 10-11th April 2024. The course is delivered by experts in the field and is designed to give attendees a solid foundation in mass spectrometry, to appreciate the advantages and limitations of the technique and to assist scientists in choosing the most appropriate instrumentation for a particular analytical challenge.

Typical course modules include:
• Basics of Mass Spectrometry
• Ionisation Techniques
• Mass Analysers
• High Resolution & Accurate Mass
• MS/MS Experiments and Interpretation
• Sample Preparation
• Quantitation
• Troubleshooting

For more details, please visit the dedicated BMSS webpage:

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