Researcher Protein Mass Spectrometry

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30 Jun 2019

Job purpose: 

This is a great career opportunity for an experienced mass spectrometrist to join a team of junior and senior researchers and collaborate with clinicians and proficiency testing scheme providers to develop reference measurement procedures for neurodegenerative diseases and cardiac protein biomarkers. The Organic Analysis team at LGC delivers high quality research projects to meet current and future analytical challenges as part of the LGC’s international role as the UK’s National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute (DI) for chemical and bio-measurement. The successful candidate will work on a broad range of mass spectrometry and separation science platforms, including QQQ, QToF, Orbitrap, IMS-MS, nano-LC, UHPLC, GC and will have develop sample clean up strategies, chromatographic/mass spectrometry based approaches for quantification of protein biomarkers in biological fluids such as plasma, cerebrospinal fluids, saliva and urine and. Training as appropriate will be provided on traceability of measurements to the System of International Units and on the instruments required for the delivery of the projects.

This is an excellent opportunity for candidates looking to progress their career in protein mass spectrometry. It will allow them to both progress their scientific skills and to develop the junior researchers under their supervision.

Further Information

Candidate specification:
Ideally, the successful candidate will have a PhD and postdoctoral experience on quantification of protein biomarkers in biological matrices experience.

The following skills are essential:
• In depth knowledge of sample clean up strategies, chromatographic and mass spectrometry instrumentation
• Broad experience in developing QQQ methods for protein quantification
• Good presentation skills, both oral and written
• Being able to work on long term and short term projects
• Enthusiastic and innovative scientist
• Self-reliant and self-motivated team player
• Good inter personal skills.
The role requires an enthusiastic scientist who will contribute to the successful delivery of analytical R&D projects. You will be expected to promote your achievements with appropriate scientific publications, reports and presentations, training and managing junior researchers.

Thank you for taking the time to apply for this vacancy, please ensure that your CV is up to date and all relevant information to this job role is clearly visible.

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