Research fellow in Structural Biology

Vacancy Reference Number
University of Birmingham
Closing Date
4 Apr 2024
£34,980 to £44,263
School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham
3 years

Dr. Leney's laboratory is seeking a post-doc to work within the Advanced Mass Spectrometry facility at the University of Birmingham. The PDRA will work utilise structural mass spectrometry for the design of more effective photosynthetic complexes.

We are seeking a talented Post-Doctoral Researcher with expertise in biochemistry and/or mass spectrometry. As a member of our dynamic team, the PDRA will have the unique opportunity to extract and purify vibrant, fluorescent protein complexes from cyanobacteria and microalgae, paving the way for revolutionary discoveries in the field. Additionally, the PDRA will play a pivotal role in advancing mass spectrometry techniques, including top-down, cross-linking, HDX, and native mass spectrometry, while contributing your expertise to other captivating projects centered on post-translational modifications.

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