PhD: Chemoproteomics characterisation of the lipid transport machinery operating at the host-pathogen interface

Vacancy Reference Number
Teesside University
Closing Date
15 Feb 2021
Fully funded stipend & fees
36+ months

This project is the result of ongoing collaboration between Dr John Mina (Chemical Biology, PI) and Dr Jackie Mosely (Mass Spectrometry, PI) at Teesside University and Dr Paul Denny (Parasitology) at Durham University and Dr Frank Katzer at Moredun Institute (Molecular Parasitology). The PhD candidate will be based at the National Horizons Centre, a centre of excellence facility for biosciences fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, e.g., a Raman microscope and Flow Cytometry Cell Sorter, and hosts a Waters Centre for Innovation mass spectrometry laboratory which includes a SELECT SERIES cyclic ion mobility separation mass spectrometer.

Further Information

The project will apply cutting-edge techniques (chemical parasitology and mass spectrometry-based ‘omics) to identify and characterise the lipid transport machinery in the model intracellular apicomplexan parasites.

For more details on the project, please contact Dr John Mina.

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Dr John Mina ( and Dr Jackie Mosely (