Group Leader of a scientific working group/ Junior Professor in the Biochemistry department

Vacancy Reference Number
PTB/TU Braunschweig
Closing Date
22 Apr 2024
Remuneration Group 14 TVöD Bund ○ full-time
Braunschweig Germany
3 Years + 3 Years (Junior Prof. training) if successful permenant

Your tasks: The new Working Group Leader (Junior Professor) will be expected to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to standardize high-dimensional metabolomics and proteomics measurement data. For this purpose, multiple reference measurements will ideally be used in order to be able to quantitatively detect as many biomarkers as possible. This research will concentrate on the following three areas:

1. Particular focus will be placed on the automated sample processing and measurement of analytes identified in the Rilli-BÄK list (guideline of the German Medical Association for the quality assurance of medical laboratory examinations). These involve various biomedically relevant metabolites, trace elements and proteins found in human body fluids (plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid).

2. Determining “beacon metabolites” by applying machine learning approaches. These beacon metabolites will then be used as reference points for the quantification of a whole group of suitable metabolites.

3. Investigating various methods of standardization and how their influence on the uncertainty of the measurement processes can be optimized.

The aim of the research done in collaboration with PTB working groups specialized in machine learning will be first to establish metrological fundamentals that can then be applied in the fields of metabolomics and proteomics in cooperation with the Braunschweig Integrated Centre of Systems Biology (BRICS). The person assuming the professorship will further be expected to interact with the Standards and Reference Materials working group of the German Society for Metabolomic Research and thus make the new methods available to other groups.

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