Quantitative MS

LC-MS has become the front line analytical technique in the life sciences and more instruments are purchased for the provision of robust quantitative analytical data than any other application.

For new (and existing) users of mass spectrometry instruments the development of a quantitative mass spectrometry assay presents many challenges:

•   Instrument Hardware Choice
•   Preparatory and Acquisition Methodology
•   Calibration & Calculation Protocols
•   Quality Control measures

All of which will have an impact on accuracy, precision, measurement uncertainty and ultimately confidence in the result generated.

The Quantitative MS SIG will provide a forum and discussion platform for users in all application areas, using any MS instrumentation, to exchange evidence, experiences, observations, tips, tricks and sources of potential errors as we work toward a “best practice” to generate fit for purpose, reliable measurements.

The first major activity of the SIG will be a session at the next annual  BMSS meeting in 2015, which will be dedicated to quantitative mass spectrometry, if you would like to present at this session, or have suggestions on topics which should be covered, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

SIG co-leader

SIG co-leader

Chris Mussell
The British Museum,
Great Russell Street,

Ken Brady
Agilent Technologies,
Cheadle Royal Business Park,

Tel: +44(0)207 323 131
E-mail: Chris.Mussell@lgcgroup.com

Tel: +44(0)7825 753 733
E-mail: ken_brady@agilent.com