MALDI and Imaging

The BMSS MALDI & Imaging SIG

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic we have gone virtual. We are now hosting a series of virtual events, co-organised by MSIS and IMSS, commencing autumn 2020. Please click (here) to view our current schedule of events.

The imaging and MALDI special interest group was formed in 2007 to cater for the explosion of interest in the use of mass spectrometry based imaging techniques for the study of surfaces.  The group is intended to be a forum for all ms based imaging technologies not solely MALDI. The first activity organized by the group was a plenary lecture by Prof Richard Caprioli and a session at the 2007 BMSS Conference in Edinburgh that saw presentations on MALDI, DESI and DART based systems and applications. It is intended to develop the group by further sessions at annual conferences and one day meetings. Click here for the latest meeting info.

If you would like to join the MALDI and Imaging SIG and be included on a mailing list, please contact:

SIG Leader
Prof. Malcolm R Clench
Tel: +44-114 225 3054
Fax: +44-114 225 3066
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EU COST Action BM1104 Mass Spectrometry Imaging

As part of EU COST Action BM1104 Mass Spectrometry Imaging: New Tools for Healthcare Research a minimum reporting requirement for MS imaging experiments document is being formulated.  This would form the basis of the recommendations given to journal editors/referees as to whether the quality of data reporting in a MS imaging paper is adequate (before acceptance for publication).  The document is applicable to all ionisation techniques.

Feedback on the document is being collected via COST representatives and the discussion forum on the MALDI-MSI website.

If you are working in any form of ms imaging please have a read and give your feedback either direct or if you wish via
Professor Malcolm Clench ( or
Dr Josephine Bunch ( the other UK representative in the COST Action.