Scientific Programme


9:00      Welcome introduction. Andy Ray, AstraZeneca

10:05    Mass spectrometry and ion beam imaging – an integration of elemental mapping and “omics”. Mel Bailey, University of Surrey

10:40    Recent Advances in DART Ambient Ionization Technology for High-throughput Chemistry Reaction Screens. Frederick Li, IonSense

11:05    Expanding the Applications of Rapid Evaporative Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (REIMS) to the Pharmaceutical Product Development Workflow. Toma Ramonaite, Imperial College

11:30    Long term ambient composition measurements at the Manchester AQ supersite. Nick Marsden, University of Manchester

Exhibition, Poster Session and Lunch

13:30    Liquid AP-MALDI MS high-throughput analysis of milk for adulterations and animal welfare assessment. Cristian Piras, University of Reading

13:55    Clinical application of Laser Desorption – Rapid Evaporative Ionisation Mass Spectrometry. Daniel Simon, Imperial College

14:20    Flexible Drift Tube for High Resolution Ion Mobility Spectrometry. Barry Smith, University of Liverpool

Tea & Coffee

15:10    Is "SICRIT" the Economic way of Generating GC-HR-MS data? Cliff Kanhoye, Syngenta

15:25    Evaluation of Ambient MS for Clinical Quantitation. Valerio Converso, LGC.

16:00    TBC

Closing remarks