Abstract Submission

Submission of Abstracts for the Advances in Hyphenated MS meeting.

Abstract Submission is open from 20-OCT-18 (submission in advance of
registration is welcomed).

Abstract Format (Microsoft Word):
Abstract Title: limited to 25 words.
Authors: John D. Smith 1, Fred X. Jones 2, etc.
        (NOTE: underline the presenting author)
Affiliations: 1 Department of Chemistry, University of Life, LL1 2FE UK,
                     2 Department of Biochemistry, ... etc.


Abstract Submission
Send your abstract as a word document to the BMSS Meetings Secretary and include the following in the subject line of your e-mail: Games 2019 Abstract ‘your name’. Those eligible (see below) for evaluation for ECR prizes should indicate their eligibility by including the following acronym, in bold, at the bottom of their abstract: ECR.

For all abstract submissions & enquiries please contact the BMSS Meetings Secretary:

ECR Poster and ECR Elevated Oral Communication Prizes
In keeping with the GAMES RESEARCH GROUP’s ethos of facilitating Early Career Researchers the meeting will offer prizes (£350) for the best ECR poster and the best ECR presentation (elevated from a submitted poster abstract).

For this purpose the BMSS defines an ECR as a scientist in the first four (4) years, or full-time equivalent, of their research activity - including periods of research training.