The BMSS LGBT+ Group strives to create an enabling space for likeminded scientists to network and advance their visibility within the British Mass Spectrometry community. 

Being a LGBT+ scientist can be lonely and many worry about coming out to their colleagues. The BMSS LGBT+ Group aims to support fellow Mass Spectrometrists on that enabling journey.

Recent events such as the Royal Society’s Out in STEM, the LGBT STEMinar and the LGBT in STEM project are providing much needed information, support, camaraderie and empowerment to advance the visibility of LGBT+ scientists.

Mass Spectrometry has a many challenges, and a diverse, dynamic and inclusive community of colleagues working together will only wholly resolve those challenges.

Many recent national and international conferences have had informal meet-ups for LGBT+ delegates. That dynamic sparked our initial & informal meet-up at the BMSS Annual Meeting in Cambridge 2018 (BMSS39), was followed in Manchester 2019 (BMSS40) with the 1st meeting held as part of the annual conference programme.

Upcoming Events


NEXT MEETING is currently in planning for BMSS41.


If you would like to know more about the BMSS LGBT+ Group or just want to say hello please contact:

BMSS LGBT+ Group Coordinator (Rhodri N. Owen):

BMSS Meetings Secretary (Mark A. McDowall):