COVID-19: AIM Accredited Venue

The Accredited BMSS41 Covid-19 Secure Venue

A decisive factor in selecting Sheffield Hallam University (Conferences & Events) [1] as the venue provider for the 41st BMSS Annual Meeting was the fact that SHU has achieved AIM SECURE accreditation [2] from the UK Meetings Industry Association [3].

The BMSS wish to inform its members that Sheffield Hallam (Conference and Events) has achieved the AIM Secure Standard. This enhanced UK national quality accreditation for venues (launched in July 2020) by the Meetings Industry Association features Covid-19 infection prevention and control protocols and compliance with all current UK corona virus legislation.

The UK Meetings Industry Association (MIA) is the principal association advancing the British events industry. The MIA set up AIM SECURE as an accreditation protocol to allow its members to evidence their professional approach - within the context of Covid-19. AIM SECURE is the UK’s leading quality standard in the events & conference sector!


AIM SECURE Specifically Measures:

 •  SHU compliance with all UK legislation (including COVID-19).

 •  SHU commitment to delivering a healthy and hygienic environment (including COVID-19)

 •  SHU commitment to diversity and inclusion.

 •  SHU commitment to quality of meeting and events facilities.



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NOTE: This BMSS41/SHU AIM SECURE summary has been reviewed by the SHU Conference & Events office.