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Notable Names in British MS


Ever since Aston discovered the very beginnings of mass spectrometry, British scientists have been at the forefront of the development of the technique.  With some of the key early manufacturers based in the UK, scientists from across industry and academia have collaborated to advance analyser technology, make breakthroughs in interfacing separation science, and pioneer new applications.  Below are just some of the most notable BMSS members who have pushed the boundaries of mass spectrometry:










John Herbert Beynon also see the ASMS Oral History Project


Keith Jennings also see the ASMS Oral History Project






Dai Games


Colin Pillinger

todd   preston        

John Todd


Tom Preston

bateman   barber        

Robert Bateman


Michael Barber

Millard   Bordoli        

Brian J. Millard


Robert S. Bordoli

Maccoll   Williams        

Allan Maccoll


Dudley H. Williams

evershed   green        

Richard Evershed


Brian N. Green





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